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Lean Meats



At The Orchard School, proper nutrition is a priority. Young children should be fed wholesome healthy food whenever possible. 
Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains are recommended for optimum growth and brain development. Children’s immune systems are not quite 
developed and are more vulnerable to pesticide exposure.  Reducing pesticide exposure can be accomplished by eating more organic foods.
 The children at The Orchard School are served organic produce, among other things.


What is Organic Food?

Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides. The term “organic” refers to food items that are prepared according to the norms set by an organic certifying body (USDA). On an overall basis, organic food is food prepared and processed without using any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or chemical preservatives. At The Orchard School, we believe that growing, eating and serving organic food is not only beneficial, but environmentally responsible.

We strive to serve only certified organic food that is prepared daily in our onsite kitchen. Meals and snacks include a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats and grains that encourage children to acquire a lifelong appreciation for healthy eating. We track dozens of food allergens, intolerances and family preferences for parents to make informed decisions about their child’s nutrition.

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