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The Orchard School

At The Orchard School,
 our top priority is to inspire children ages 6 weeks to 5 years by facilitating unique educational windows. Our sense of purpose is to grow children that make mindful connections between themselves and our world.

The The Orchard School of Thought

Orchard School is where organic foods, fresh air and conservation are part of the learning environment. Where teachers get to actually teach using their creativity and passion to bring an innovative preschool curriculum to life. Where workdays are spent outside in the organic garden and inside in a bright and clean building filled with sustainable products.


The Orchard School Roots

At the Orchard School, we are rooted in educational excellence, sense of purpose and community,

Educational Excellence

The Orchard prepares children for elementary school and beyond.

The Orchard School prepares children for elementary school and beyond. Our research-based curriculum helps children reach key developmental milestones. Lesson plans embrace traditional subjects like language arts, math, and science, as well as personal expression, movement, music, and fine arts. Whenever possible, we connect these subjects with hands on activities that create a positive and lasting impact. One day, a child pokes seeds into soil and watches how the sun and water help the seeds to grow. Another day, composting is part of the curriculum and having the garden harvest as snack becomes as educational as early reading, writing, and math skills. Children at The Orchard School spend this crucial time of life eye to eye with highly qualified and educated teachers. These professionals bring deep early learning expertise into the classroom to make the first taste of subjects like math or solar energy fun and memorable. Parents at The Orchard School are connected with regularly as emails and Facebook/Instagram posts replace paper updates on each child’s progress and the activities of the class.

Sense of Purpose

The Orchard’s sense of purpose is as holistic for the child as it is for the planet.

Our sense of purpose is as holistic for the child as it is for the planet. At The Orchard School, natural light brightens the classrooms to improve concentration while conserving energy. Sustainable building and playground materials are safe for everyone and reduce our impact. Wholesome foods and filtered air and water help to grow strong, healthy bodies. Our choices reinforce our commitments in providing steadfast academic roots and a model of environmental sustainability.


The Orchard is a community of families and educators making a difference.

The Orchard School is a community of families and educators making a difference. The school’s website, emails and social media updates are a part of the experience, connecting everyone more fully to early childhood education, teachers, families and local resources. Our Parent Advisory Council is strongest with participation from all who share in The Orchard School experience.
The Orchard School Families come together monthly to participate in community events, such as the annual Plano Lions Christmas Parade & Plano Community Cleanup.




The Orchard School of Choice

The Orchard School is unique from any other preschool. The Orchard School was created by a team of progressive and talented professionals within the early childhood education industry.

The team considered best practices in the field of early childhood education, culled ideas from experienced educators and refused to put barriers on its thinking. That creative energy led to the aligning of an outstanding preschool environment with the social and environmental consciousness that children are learning from their families today.

The Orchard School is designed to achieve balance between education and fun through the empowerment of healthy minds, healthy bodies and a healthy planet. Careful considerations are made of all purchases, actions and behaviors to bring this distinctive educational experience to life.

The Orchard School & Nourishment

The Orchard School has planted the seeds. In order for the seeds to grow, we need someone who adds nourishment to our roots of educational excellence, sense of purpose and community. Someone who brings light to the mantra: strong mind, strong body and strong planet. That someone is YOU!

We believe that for The Orchard School to thrive, we must unearth the most outstanding educators whose beliefs align with those of The Orchard School. With your help, our children will be prepared for success in elementary school and beyond. Our school will continue to consider the environment in all decisions, and our communities will be rich with supportive, positive contributors. Our children, our families and our Orchard family truly thank you for the expertise, enthusiasm and dedication you bring.



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